• A. Omelian National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev
  • Y. Pozniakovskiy National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev
Keywords: quail, arginine, mixed fodder, live weight, average daily gain


Arginine is positioned as the most universal amino acid in organism of animals. This is because arginine necessary for the synthesis of important substances – ornithine, proline, creatine, citrulline, glutamate. Arginine is a powerful catalyst in the release of growth hormone, insulin and IGF-1 in the blood stream. Quails consume mixed fodder, the main components of which are plant foods. The protein of plant feeds is considered not valuable because they are poor not only in arginine, and the amino acids in general. Protein in soybean meals is most valuable among the components of mixed fodder for quails. In soybean meals only methionine with cystine and threonine are limite. However, it is the most expensive among the specified feed (about 8,7-9,1 UAH / kg). That is why introduced in the diet more cheaper components poor on amino acids. Need of quails to arginine expectedly high. It is explained to  high-speed the formation protein of body. Cereal crops is the basis of mixed fodder in the vast majority. Arginine not able to synthesized in the body. Therefore there is urgent need the introduction of synthetic analogues of amino acids to the mixed fodder. Effect of arginine on productive indicators quails of meat direction of productivity is insufficiently studied. So we conducted relevant research in the scientific and research laboratory feed additives of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine on quails of breed is Pharaoh. All studies were carried out in similar conditions. Experiments were carried out by method of groups-analog. The level of arginine in mixed fodders research groups is regulated by introducing a synthetic analogue. The aim of work is to set optimal level of arginine in feeding quails. To learn him effect on growth and meat productivity. The tasks of work is investigate the influence of different levels of arginine in mixed fodders on feed intake, live weight, average daily gain of live weight; feed costs on unit of increase in live weight. It is studied the growth indicators of young quail depending on the different content of arginine in mixed fodders. It is shows the data on the use of mixed fodder with different levels of arginine in feeding of young quails meat direction of productivity and their effect on live weight and cost of feed per unit of growth. Established that the feeding quails of mix fodder with content of arginine is 1.66% contributes to increment of the live weight of 2.6 %, average daily gain – at 2.7 %, and reduce the cost of feed for 1 kg growth of 1.5 %. Reduction of arginine to 1.39 % in mixed fodder leads to poor performance of quails. Namely to reduce the body weight of 2.6%, growth – 2.7% and food costs to increase – to 1.1%.


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A. Omelian, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev
Y. Pozniakovskiy, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev
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