Efficacy of probiotic and sorbent use in poultry farming

  • Z. V. Pskhatsieva Gorsky State Agrarian University, Vladikavkaz
Keywords: broiler chickens, safety, digestibility factors, slaughter


The use of probiotics and sorbents in feeding agricultural poultry in recent years is cost-effective, since there is a significant increase and improvement of utility characteristics. In addition to the basic diet, agricultural animals and poultry can receive feed additives in the form of probiotics and sorbents. To confirm these suggestions, studies were conducted on the use of probiotic and sorbent in rations of broiler chickens “Ross-308” at JSC “Mikhailovskaya” poultry farm of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania. The growing period of chicken broilers according to the passport cross is 42 days. As a result of combined use of “Sporothermine” probiotic in the amount of 0.1% from the feed weight and the bentonite clay sorbent in the amount of 3.6% from the feed weight increases the livability of the livestock by 1%, the use of feed nutrients is increased: dry substance by 1,2%; organic substance by 0.5–1.2 %, raw protein by 0.7–1.5 %, raw fat by 0.5–1.2 %, raw fiber by 0.1–0.2% %, BEV – by 0.5–1.2 %. The slaughter yield is also increased by 2.5% and the content of heavy metals in muscle tissue is reduced: Zinc in test groups by 1.01–1.65 times; Cadmium by 1,3–2,0 times and Zinc by 1,3–2,4 times compared to the control group. The studies of the chemical composition of muscles showed that the dry substance and protein content increased in the test groups, and the fat proportion increased in the control group by 0,05; 0,15 and 0,21%, for the second, third and fourth groups respectively. According to the organoleptic evaluation of meat and broth, the experimental groups outstrip the control group by 0.10–0.36 points and by 0.22–0.30 points, respectively. Taking into account the data obtained from the research, we believe that the introduction of probiotics and sorbents into the diet of broiler chickens, both separately and combined, positively influences the use of feed nutrients, the organoleptic qualities of meat and broth, and the reduction of heavy metals in the muscle homogenate tissue.


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