Dynamics of leukocytic indices for parvoviral enteritis at dogs

Keywords: parvoviral infection of dogs, hematologic indices, integral indices, endogenous intoxication, immunoreactivity indexes


In this article to be spoken about indicators of action of parvoviridae on an organism of animals – qualitative and quantitative characteristics of blood. These indicators change at many pathological reactions and participate in ensuring nonspecific and specific resistance of an organism. With the help of the analysis of integral leukocyte indices based on the formula of blood reflecting the state of neurohumoral homeostasis and immunological reactivity of the organism, the disturbances were first discovered and established humoral and cellular links of the immune system, micro- and macrophage system, reduction of nonspecific protection of the organism and revealed connections between integral hematological parameters and immunity indexes in dogs with  natural parvoviral infections. The purpose of our research was to determine the possibility of evaluating endogenous intoxication in dogs for parvoviral enteritis on the basis of indicators of index leukocyte count of blood. The work was carried out at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Zhytomyr National Agroecological University, as well as in the veterinary clinics of city of Zhytomyr, city of Berdychiv and city of Kyiv from 2013 to 2016 in breeding and non-breeding dogs. The studies on confirming the diagnosis of viral enteritis were carried out using rapid tests VetExpert CPV- Ag and in the veterinary laboratory using ELISA and PCR. The conducted researches showed that in dogs for parvovirus there is a decrease in the indices of integral hematological parameters, namely the leukocyte index, the ratio of lymphocytes and monocytes, index by Garkava, the index of allergy, the lymphocytic granulocytic index and the index of immunoreactivity (by Shabalov), with subsequent elevations below the physiological limit. In interpreting these data, the inhibition of the immune system, in particular the cellular level, leukocyte deficiency and bone marrow suppression, cerebral hypoxia and cytokine deficiency, should be noted. Integral hematological parameters of peripheral blood have been proved to increase the informative value of the general analysis of blood in dogs with infectious diseases and allow to determine not only the degree of reactivity of the organism, but also to assess the level of endogenous intoxication.


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