• К. Silchenko Lugansk national agrarian university, Kharkiv
Keywords: dairy cattle production, bio-stimulant “Biosvit”, productivity, physiology indexes, red corpuscles, leucocytes, hemoglobin, crude protein.


Use of tissue preparations, which are produced by the method of academician V. P. Filatov is one of the important additional reserves increase productivity cattle dairy. These preparations as plant as animal origin used successfully in animal husbandry. Use of tissue preparations in dairy cattle has improved physiological functions, suckling productivity and in veterinary medicine it  has  given  the opportunity to improve  the  methods of internal diseases treatment.The purpose of the research was to determine the influence of vegetable preparation “Biosvit” on cattle organism. In the article were reflected the research results of influence  bio-stimulant “Biosvit” on such kind of  physiology indexes as suckling  productivity, red corpuscles and leucocytes quantity, level of hemoglobin and crude protein in blood of control and experimental cows.There were formed control and experimental bunches of cows in 4-5 lactation, 6-8-years-old age to examine milk cows.Experimental group got once-only in the neck area hypodermic injection of 15 ml preparation “Biosvit” for one cow to check prolonged action of preparation on the cows. The control bunch of cows got hypodermic injection of 15ml of 0,85% solution of  NaCl  to avoid injection stress factor. Cattle, which got bio-stimulants, were not ill, had better appetite but all other physiological indexes were on physiological and age level of genotype cattle.The increase of the suckling productivity in experimental cow group is indicated by rising up of metabolism, digestion of meal and because of improvement blood indexes, increase prolactin level, which predetermines the cow productivity level.In this case rising of suckling productivity follows from general improvement of cattle tone. The content of fat and protein in milk stayed virtually invariable in both cow groups but quantity of fat in milk was overcome control group in 15%. 


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К. Silchenko, Lugansk national agrarian university, Kharkiv
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