• Yu. Prikhodko Kharkiv state zooveterinary academy, Kharkiv
  • V. Ponomarenko Kharkiv state zooveterinary academy, Kharkiv
  • O. Laptiy Kharkiv state zooveterinary academy, Kharkiv
Keywords: dipilidiosis, dogs, cats, “Profender”, “Prazitsid-complex”, “Elitzoo”, “Envir”, “Stronghold”


Parasitic diseases of dogs and cats were everywhere, both among hunting, decorative, room dogs and especially, homeless animals.A wide range of anti-parasitic drugs necessitates studies of their effectiveness.The objective of the study were to analyzed the effectiveness of various treatment regimens. Primarily designed anti-parasitic combined “Elitzoo” drug. Active ingredient are praziquantel and selamectin.The study was conducted during 2015-2016, took the seasonality of the disease. It were treated 47 dogs and 46 cats, which according to the results of coproscopic studies the dipilidiosis diagnosis was confirmed. Experimental groups were formed for further treatment. Among dogs were formed four groups with 10 dogs in each and one group with 7 dogs for control. Among cats were formed four groups with 10 cats in each and one group with 6 cats for control. All animals the dry food were given and free access to water were provided.The dogs and cats of first group with the spot-on “Profender” (active substance [AS] – emodepside – of 21.43 mg and praziquantel – of 85.75 mg) drug to intact skin surface were once applied.The dogs and cats of second group with the drug “Рrazitsid – complex” spot-on (AS – ivermectin 25 mg, praziquantel – 102 mg, levamisol 20 mg, diphenhydramine hydrochloride 10 mg) were once applied.For dogs and cats of third group a combination of “Stronghold” (AS – selamectin – 120 mg) drops for external use “Envir” (AS – praziquantel – 50mg, рyrantel pamoate (embonate) – 144 mg, febantel 150 mg) drugs in a tablets form were used.For animals of fourth group a new integrated product in the insectoacaricidic drops form to intact skin” “Еlitzoo” (AS – selamectin – 5 %, praziquantel – 8 %) were applied. The treatmental effect of the “Elitzoo” drops for Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonine, Ancylostoma caninum, Uncinaria stenocephala, Trichocephalus vulpis, Scabiei canis, Otodectes cynotis, Ctenocephalides canis, Linognatus setosus, Trichodectes canis, Dirofilaria spp., Dipylidium caninum, Taenia spp., Diphyllobotrium latum has been proven. Animals of the fifth group were control, the drugs had not received for them. At the same time all experimental animals immunological stimulation were conducted.According to the study results effectiveness of different treatment regimens of stray dogs and cats with spontaneous dipilidiosis in terms of Kharkov “Center of treatment of animals” the 100% efficiency for dogs treatment had the following preparations: “Prazitsid-complex” and “Elitzoo”, for cats treatment – “Profender”, “Prazitsid-complex”, and “Elitzoo”. New insectoacaricides “Elitzoo” spot-on drops are effective and economical for dipilidiosis and siphonoptera treatment.


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Author Biographies

Yu. Prikhodko, Kharkiv state zooveterinary academy, Kharkiv
д. вет. н.
V. Ponomarenko, Kharkiv state zooveterinary academy, Kharkiv
к. вет. н.
O. Laptiy, Kharkiv state zooveterinary academy, Kharkiv


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